High Precision Rotary Grinder

High Precision Rotary Grinder


Application Samples

Surface Grinding
Surface Grinding
Plunge Grinding
Plunge Grinding
Step Grinding
Step Grinding
Multiple Grinding
Multiple Grinding
PLC Controls System

Shop floor user friendly language allows indexperienced operators to master the control. The simple dialog control requires only size inputo to start the grinding cycle

Grinding Sample
Description Rotary magnetic chuck dia. mm 300
Maxi grinding radius. mm 175
distance of table surface to spindle surface center. mm 360
Rotary magnetic chuck speed. rpm 20-250
rotary magnetic chuck horse power. KW 750W
spindle motor. hp 2
spindle speed(50/60Hz) rpm 3000/3600
Auto downfeed horse power. Servo Motor 500W
Vertical hand wheel sownfeed per revolution. mm x1,x5,x10(MPG)/0.1,0.5,1
Vertical hand wheel sownfeed per graduation. mm x1,x5,x10(MPG)/0.001,0.005,0.01
wheel size(diaxwidthxbore). mm 180x13x31.75
Net weight/gross weight. kg 1600/1800
Packing size (LxWxH). mm 1820x1450x2020
Max Table Load. kg 30
Optional accessories
SIEMENS CNC controls Available
MITSUBISHI CNC controls Available
FANUC CNC controls Available
Magnetic rotary table
Basic coolant system
Coolant system with magnetic separator
Coolant system with paper filter and magnetic separator
Oil mist collector
Spindle motor inverter
Digital readout
oil line wheel balance system
Rotary diamond wheel dresser
Spindle chiller
Chuck demagnetizer
Coolant system with paper filter
These machines can also be used for following variety of materials, semi-conductor, solar photonics, IC, Wafer, TFT-LCD,PASS ceramic products, aluminum oxide (A1203), Zirconium oxide (Zro2),Silicon nitride(Si3N4), Slilcon carbide(STC), Silicon (Si), Quariz, ZTA Graphite, MACOR, Ru etc. The variety of materials capable of being ground provides the customer exceptional versatility.
  • Precision grinding machine
  • Surface finishing to mirror class
  • Automatic Trim Compensation
  • On line spindle vibration monitor
  • Machine base fully supported design creating high rigidity structure
  • Y, Z and rotary axis driven by AC servo motor